Address: Belgrade, Skerliceva 6

Belgrade’s cultural monument, the house of the sculptor Djordje Jovanović is built in 1926 as an example of refined taste of one of the greatest Serbian sculptors. It is designed according to models of Polish houses with decorated garden.

The project of the house is made by the architect Dragutin Šidjanski and the engineer Stojan Veljković. Simple and elegant look of facade is decorated with allegoric sculptures placed in semicircular niches. Built on the prominent place of the house facade, these figures symbolize the home of the artist.

The house has the area of 350 m2 and it is located on 2 acres parcel, next to the Saint Sava Temple and National Library of Serbia.

My Serbian people know, appreciate, respect and love me, as I love them, because I worked for them, and I have the right to be satisfied and proud of that” – said the sculptor Djordje Jovanović.